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Latvia has a relatively large number of automobile clubs in relation to the population, however there are not that many events being organised. We had also observed that the most enthusiastic people in automobile clubs were those driving classic cars. That is how we, the Antique Automobile club of Latvia, came to the idea that we should organise a sportive event for these classic car enthusiasts and their vehicles. We aimed for Youngtimer cars – vehicles made in 1960s–1980s – as our main audience, since these cars are very interesting, fast and reliable enough to cover greater distances and endure sportier driving. Even though the idea to start events for the Youngtimer category came about around 2007, the first event took place only in 2012. It was a two day regularity rally and a photo orienteering race with the combined distance of 600km. That same year we resumed the traditional hill climb race in the vicinity of Riga. The next year we additionally held a track day in the Biķernieki race track. In 2014 the number of events amounted to 5 – we were offered to take part in two rallies of the Latvian Rally Championship.

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Riga Motor Museum is the largest antique vehicle museum in Baltic countries. It has gained acknowledgement in Europe and further afield. Riga Motor Museum is a state-owned culture institution functioning both in Latvian and international professional environment, available to the public for research, education, and enjoyment. It is working in the interests of widest society by collecting, preserving, restoring, researching, and communicating antique vehicles as a part of industrial heritage and material culture.

ADParts – cars performance parts / Autosport equipment

Established in 2008 ADParts was starting to provide all kind of car enthusiasts who were willing to upgrade their cars performance with all kind of spare parts. Starting from very bottom company now has grown and is leader in this rapid market. In 2010 full time shop was opened and since then race car equipment parts were included as permanent offer. In 2012 ADParts officially brought back to Latvia sports equipment giant – Sparco. Now company serves clients not just from Latvia and nearby countries but also in USA, South America, Middle East and Africa.

ADParts major brands in Latvia are: Sparco, HEL Performance, Green Filter, Magnaflow, SFS Performance, EBC Brakes, CL Brakes, Powerflex, StrongFlex, Schroth, Takata, RRS etc.





Pony&Smith is a multidisciplinary studio, specializing in paper goods, graphic design, photography, video and interactive design. Our aim is to capture memorable moments through paper goods and visual storytelling.



SIA “Lanc” is the largest scale model shop in Latvia. You will find a large variety of car, motorcycle, aviary and railroad scale models and model kits in our shop in 21 Marijas Str., first floor. We also accept orders in our shop.

ERGO’s insurance companies in the Baltic states are part of the ERGO Insurance Group, one of the major insurance groups in Europe. Worldwide, ERGO is represented in more than 30 countries, serving more than 40 million clients.

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