plakats_mezezers YOUNGTIMER RALLY & HELL MEZEZERS 2017

“Youngtimer Rally & Hell Mežezers 2017”, organised by the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia, will take place on September 23, 2016.

The event will consist of a driving skill test on a closed uphill track. As usual, each car’s power-to-weight ratio will be taken in consideration to divide cars in groups. We will be limiting the number of participants to 40 cars. Classic motorcycles are also welcome to participate, and their number is limited to 15 motorcycles.

Since this season is coming to an end, the event will also serve as an informal season closing party in the Odziena castle, where dinner and the exceptional Odziena beer will be served, we will watch old rally movies and talk about this and the next season. Since the venue is a bit further from Riga, you are welcome to stay in comfortable rooms in the Odziena guesthouse, brewery or barn.


- During the hill climb drive only the driver and one passenger are allowed in the car;
- Both are required to wear helmets as well as clothing with long sleeves and trousers. Gloves are recommended;
- Any car meeting this event’s requirements, with valid insurance and MOT can be registered for the event.
- More information about the car registration requirements can be found on our homepage –
- The participants must assess their driving skills and hold all responsibility for their own and others’ safety.


- The registration is open for motorcycles made no later than in 1990;
- Cubage is limited to 250 cm3;
- The motorcycle must have valid registration and MOT;
- All motorcyclists are required to wear a modern helmet, meeting the ECE 22.05 standard.
- Leather or motorcycling gloves must be worn.
- Open face helmets must be worn with motorcycle goggles.
- Motorcyclists must wear either leather clothing or specialised protective textile clothing.
- Footwear must cover ankles, specialised motorcycle boots and motorcycle riding shoes are recommended.

Organisers will evaluate if your vehicle meets the requirements of the event, and inform you in written form within 2 days!
“Youngtimer Rally & HELL Mežezers 2016” will NOT be a Youngtimer Rally Championship event! Therefore, the results will not add up to the championship total.

Event schedule:
9:00 – 12:00 Registration in Pļaviņas city centre, Raiņa str.
12:30 – 16:00 Driving skill test on an uphill track
17:00 Event conclusion and award ceremony in Odziena Castle restaurant

Registration deadline: September 17.

Since the organisational and safety requirements are increasing, we are forced to slightly raise the participation fee. This year it will be 50 EUR per car or motorcycle, including one passenger. Each additional passenger + 10 EUR. Participation fee for members of Antique Automobile Club of Latvia that have payed the membership fee for year 2016 – 40 EUR. Accommodation in Odziena Castle + 10 EUR per person.
Your participation will be confirmed only after the organiser has received the full amount of the participation fee in the following account:

Beneficiary: Biedrība “Youngtimer Rally”
Registration No.: 40008231424
IBAN: LV91HABA0551039545085



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plakati_cc_rmm Youngtimer Cars&Coffee 2017

On September 10, we invite all youngtimer car and motorcycle owners to Youngtimer Cars & Coffee

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Youngtimer Rally will conclude the season in Liepaja by participating in ERC Rally Liepaja

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The main Youngtimer event of the year – organized by the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia – will take place on July 1-2 with the support of Liepaja city council.

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plakati_talsi YOUNGTIMER RALLY TALSI 2017

Rally Talsi 2017 has kept its spot in the calendar, taking place at the end of May as in the past few years. The big change this year is that the rally will not be on Saturday and Sunday, but will instead begin a day earlier, on Friday, May 19, and finish on Saturday, May 20. Drivers from multiple championships will compete in Talsi this year. The most powerful cars will compete in the Latvian Rally Championship and Lithuanian Rally Championships, as well as in the international FIA Baltic Rally Trophy. In addition to that, we will also see the Latvian Rallysprint Championship drivers tackle the stages on Saturday.
A colourful tradition that has taken place in the last few years returns for 2017 – Youngtimer Rally Talsi crews will compete in a regularity rally in their historic cars on Friday.

Youngtimer Rally participants will have the unique opportunity to compete in a separate class, and contend for the champion title. The Youngtimer class on May 19 will be comprised of two synchronous regularity gravel stages and a tarmac stage. All the stages will be regularity rallies held on closed roads, with a set average speed.


Event schedule:*

MAY 19


Technical inspection

Publication of the start list

First car start LK 0

First car start LK 6A

Informal results

Official results

Awards ceremony

* Please note that the schedule will be subject to change

Since the number of participants is limited, the organisers will evaluate and decide on the participation of each team. Each team must consist of two participants – the driver and the co-driver, and both are required to wear helmets. Similarily to previous events, all the participating cars must be in a good technical and visual condition, with a valid MOT and insurance. All cars must carry mandatory safety equipment – fire extinguisher, emergency hazard sign, first aid kit and a reflective vest, as required by law.

Registration and fees

Registration for the event will be open until May 1, please see the form below. Participation fee – €70.00 per team, payable to the bank account of the Youngtimer Rally:

Reg. no. 40008231424
Bank: A/S “Swedbanka”
IBAN: LV91HABA0551039545085




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Basic info about our events in 2017

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“Youngtimer Rally & Hell Mežezers 2016”, organised by the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia, will take place on September 24, 2016

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