The main Youngtimer event of the year – organized by the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia – will take place on July 1-2 with the support of Liepaja city council.

Registration of participants will begin early on Saturday morning, next to the concert hall “Great Amber”, which will be followed by the official opening, briefing, interviews with participants and other activities. We have prepared a fantastic start to the rally – the first rally stage will be held right in the city centre. A parade drive through Liepaja will conclude our city programme, and participants will separate in two groups and head in separate directions – one group will take part in regularity rallying on gravel roads, while the other group will enjoy photo orienteering and a cultural programme in Liepaja, its district and Lithuania.

Regularity rally stages will be held in Liepaja district and will include popular ERC and LRC rally stages. Both photo orienteering and regularity rally will continue after a lunch break. The first day will conclude in Plateliai yacht-club.

On Sunday the battle for points will begin anew, since the second day will be treated as a separate stage in Youngtimer Rally championship. The grand finale of the event will be a regularity stage in Karosta for all participants.

Only regularity rally participants will take part in the Youngtimer Rally and Krown championship.

Saturday, July 1*
Concert hall “Great Amber”, Liepaja
8:30-09:30 Arrival and registration
09:30 – 10:30 Exhibition of cars
10:30 – 11:30 Start RS1 “Liepāja
11:45 – 12:15 Parade drive through Liepaja
12:45 – 
Blue Shock Race
Starts SRS1 “Kolumbs” (17,98km) (regularitātes rallija dalībniekiem)
Starts SRS2 “Kolumbs” (17,98km) (regularitātes rallija dalībniekiem)
 Starts RS2 “Krown” (Rudes kartingu trase) (visiem dalībniekiem)
Starts RS3 “9vīri” (16,71km)
Starts RS4 “LuxExpress” (21,78km)19:00
19:00 Arrival in Plateliai yacht-club


Sunday, July 2*

10:00 RS1 “Opel” (19,77km)
11:30 SRS1 “U-Labs” (22,67km)
12:15 SRS2 “U-Labs” (22,67km)
13:45 SRS1 WhatCar” (4,64km) 
14:30 SRS1 WhatCar” (4,64km)
15:15 SRS3 “PoliProdest” (4,24km)
16:00 SRS4 “PoliProdest” (4,24km)
16:45 Awards and event closing Red Sun Buffet, Liepāja

*event schedule subject to change





Due to limited places, organizers will evaluate each team’s application. Each team must consist of at least two participants. Similarily to past events, vehicles must be in good visual and technical condition, with a valid MOT and insurance. Preference will be given to cars with a historic vehicle sertificate. Each car must be equipped with a fire extinguisher, a warning triangle, a first aid kit and a high visibility vest.

To register for the event, fill out the application form by June 23. Participation fee – 80 EUR per person.

Participation fee must be transfered to the following account with reference: “FOR YTR LIEPAJA” in three days after the registration.

Biedrība “Youngtimer Rally”

Registration No. 40008231424




Participation fee covers the following costs: event, accomodation in Plateliai yacht-club, lunch and dinner on July 1, breakfast and lunch on July 2, printed materials and decals.

Our supporter “Hotel Kolumbs” invites you to come to Liepaja on Friday, and offers a special price for Youngtimer Rally participants – 45 EUR for a standard double room with breakfast, along with a 10% discount in the restaurant, free wi-fi and parking, as well as a 30% discount for SPA visits and pool hall. If you wish to use the offer, please mark the corresponding checkbox in the registration form!


Nr Pilot Co-driver Car Year Team Country
1 Donatas Devenis Darius Ambložiejus VW Scirocco 1987 D-Factory LT
2 Ingmārs Birks Kristaps Rikāns Porsche 944 1983 Kardāns LV
3 Olafs Ceplevičs Didzis Meiers SAAB 96 1972 Swedish Metal LV
4 Jānis Kundziņš Andris Pāpe VAZ 2106 1984 XXX LV
5 Andris Grāviņš TBA Ford Capri 1983 - LV
6 Māris Āriņš Hugo Āriņš Mini Cooper S 1997 - LV
7 Normunds Kalvāns Ingus Mikuda SAAB 96 1976 - LV
8 Andres Toniste Marge Arro Triumph TR7 1976 - LV
9 Ervīns Lembergs Kristīne Kārkliņa VAZ 2106 1976 - LV
10 Nikolajs Lācis Edmunds Lācis Audi Coupe Quattro 1985 D-Factory LV
11 Ainārs Gailītis Dita Gailīte SAAB 900S Convertible 1992 - LV
12 Arnis Modris Voldemārs Kalve Opel Ascona 1987 D-Factory LV
13 Jarno Elo Anssi Mäki SAAB 96GL 1978 D- FIN
14 Lauri Pyykkö Lasse Järvinen Opel Ascona 1985 - FIN


Nr Pilot Co-driver Car Year Team Country
1 Uldis Grikmanis Inga Zandersone Porsche 911 SC TARGA 1978 - LV
2 Juris Krolls Gunta Jubele GAZ 24-01 1984 - LV
3 Aleksandrs Saveljevs Sergejs Korolovs Mercedes-Benz CE300 1992 - LV
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