Youngtimer Rally Madona 2016

This year’s main Youngtimer event – 5 year anniversary “Youngtimer Rally Madona 2016” – will take place on July 2-3, and will be organized by the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia with the support of Madona district.

The participant registration will begin on early Saturday morning, and will be followed by an opening ceremony, briefing, interviews with participants and warmup discipline. Our activities in the city will conclude with a parade through Madona, and afterwards the participants will be divided in two groups – the first will move on to a regularity rally on gravel roads, while the other group will participate in a photo orienteering race in Madona, Pļaviņu, Ērgļu and Krustpils districts.The regularity rally will take place in the vicinity of Madona and Pļaviņas. Both the regularity rally and the photo orienteering will continue after a lunch break in Odziena castle. The first day will conclude in the Marciena manor.

On Sunday, the first event of the day will be a karting race in Madona Karting Track. Than the organisers are preparing one surprise stage for all participants (driver will need a helmet). The event will conclude with a dinner and an awards ceremony in the Odziena castle.



8.30-9.00 Arrival and registration

9.30-10.30 Opening ceremony and briefing

10.30 Warmup discipline

12.00 Parade

12.30 Start for photo orienteering

13.00 SRS1 gravel stage “Marciena manor” (~33km)

13.45 SRS2 gravel stage “Marciena manor” (~33km)

15.00 RS1 gravel stage “Odziena” (~31km)

15.45 Arrival in Odziena, dinner for participants

17.00 RS2 gravel stage (~50km)

18.30 Arrival in Marciena manor

20.00 5 year anniversary


11.00 Karting race

13.00 Surprise discipline

15.30 Dinner and awards ceremony

*Please note that the schedule may be subject to change!

Since the number of participants is limited, the organisers will evaluate and decide on the participation of each team. Each team must consist of at least two participants – the driver and the co-driver. Similarily to previous events, all the participating cars must be in a good technical and visual condition, with a valid MOT and insurance. All cars must carry mandatory safety equipment – fire extinguisher, emergency hazard sign, first aid kit and a reflective vest, as required by law.




  • Driver

  • Co-driver



If you want to book a hotel from friday to saturday, than check here - BOOKING

Registration for the event will be open until June 20, please see the form below. Participation fee – €70.00 per person, payable to the bank account of the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia:


Reg. no. 50008001881

Bank: A/S “Swedbanka”


IBAN: LV46HABA0551002641178

Please add comment – “Registration fee for Youngtimer Rally Madona”.

This fee includes rally, accomodation in Marciena manor, lunch and dinner on July 2, breakfast and lunch on July 3, rally handouts and stickers.

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